How do you eat yours…?

cremeeggCheck out our Cream Egg Sorbet receipe…

Easter is nearly here and to celebrate why not try our seasonal dessert of Crème Egg Sorbet. It tastes too good, so how could we not share the recipe? And its easy to make at home too!


600ml milk

400ml water

600g cream eggs

It’s easy! The fondant in the cream eggs keeps the sorbet smooth and shiney without the need to add glucose or extra sugar.

We’ve used 100g of sorbet stabilizer at the Restaurant but it will work without.

Gently heat 600ml of milk, 400ml of water and 600g of Crème Eggs together, stir continually until everything is smooth and mixed together.

Leave the mix to cool but whisk regularly to stop lumps forming. Once cold, churn in an ice cream maker and freeze.

So go on…have a fling with a Crème Egg.